Misperception always generates inaccurate conclusions


Getting a Foot in the Door with Drinking and Driving: A Field Study of Healthy Influence  This study suggests drinking and driving problem is, in part, a persuasion problem.

Stages of Change  These different stages define different kinds of people. And clearly you must use different persuasion tactics on people depending upon what stage they are in.

Mark Newbold's Animated Necker Cube  The Necker Cube is named after the Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker, who in the mid-1800's saw cubic shapes spontaneously reverse in perspective.  The Animated Necker Cube forces you to periodically switch your perception of the cube.

Adbusters The Culture Jammer's Headquarters

Beliefs & Fallacies  We all intuitively make assumptions about reality and how we expect it to "behave" each minute of each day. These are our personal beliefs, our guides to managing our perceptions of everything surrounding us.

Visual Cognition and Cognitive Science  The Cognitive and Vision Science page presents links of interest to psychologists and cognitive scientists interested in visual cognition, vision, and eye movements.

Go Ask Alice!  The number one for access to specific sexual health information on the Internet.

Grand Illusions  The site for the enquiring mind. With optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic.

The Onion America's Finest News Reporting is an award-winning satirical publication founded in 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin

Tobacco Facts: Tobacco Advertising Some of the tobacco industry's most successful advertising  tactics are revealed.

Web Sites Related to Psychology

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