Misperception always generates inaccurate conclusions


Welcome to what we hope will become the largest resource of its kind for both educators and students.  Here we have a unique collection of  magic and optical illusions along with explanations of the hidden psychology behind the secrets, offering a unique opportunity to help students to a new awareness of the power of perception and its influence on their daily lives. This new self-awareness will provide students with a more accurate perspective from which they can more critically examine their present beliefs in order to make better life decisions in the future.

This site contains numerous interactive magic tricks, psychological explanations, optical illusions, suggested reading lists, related links, and much more coming soon.

Introduction  A brief introduction to educators on the history and background of this material.

Interactive Magic Tricks   A unique collection of interactive magic tricks.

Optical Illusions  An on-line gallery of interactive optical illusions.

Abuse-Excuse Generator  An interactive web-powered program that plays with common excuses for drug use & alcohol abuse.

Anti-Drug Generator  This is a new device that generates empowering alternatives to drug use.

Three Card Monte  A card trick that magically delivers your awareness message.

Suggested Reading Here is an list of books on psychology, magic and optical illusion.

Magic Management  The sponsor of this site, Magic Management, is devoted to providing entertaining and informative alcohol and drug abuse awareness & prevention education programs for college students nationwide.

SmartMarks  The motivational bookmarks that act and look like a notepad. Now you have four different sets of sayings to choose from: Alcohol & Drug Awareness, The Power of Perspective, Dealing With Change, and Options Unlimited.

Academic & Activity Planners  Student planners with Academic Information Pages and special Life Skills 101 section which includes sayings from SmartMarks bookmarks.

Links  A list of related links.

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