Misperception always generates inaccurate conclusions


For over 20 years now I have been presenting the message of the importance of critical thinking in relation to responsible alcohol use through the dynamics of magic. My Mind Games & Magic programs clearly demonstrate to audiences everywhere that our perceptions aren't always accurate; but whether they're correct or not, they shape our thoughts, attitudes and behavior.

Students seldom question the accuracy of their perceptions and beliefs. Without realizing it, they simply assume that the way they think is the way things really are. The technique of dramatizing perceptual errors through magic & illusion helps confirm that our perceptions are not as accurate as we may think.

In a non-intimidating way magic can help bring students to a new awareness of the power of perception and its influence on behavior. This new self-awareness can provide students with a more accurate perspective from which they can examine their past and present beliefs about responsible alcohol consumption more critically in order to make better life decisions in the future.

John Fabjance

John Fabjance
Magic Management

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