Providing entertaining and informative alcohol and drug awareness  programs for students ... and
magic training workshops for presenters nationwide.

Magically Speaking

John Fabjance, professional speaker, educator and magician, is the developer of Mind Games & Magic, an entertaining and informative alcohol and drug awareness  program for students.

These unique alcohol & drug awareness presentations demonstrate "how we fool ourselves."

John travels nationally to perform these programs and to teach other presenters to incorporate Mind Games & Magic into their presentations.

Using Proven Teaching Techniques
Mind Games & Magic uses proven teaching techniques, which include: 

--Total audience participation

--A non-threatening approach which builds rapport with the  audience

--Hands-on participation with specially prepared "magic effects"
    which reinforce the learning process

"Sleight of hand.  Twitch of eye.  That's magic, and that's what John Fabjance of Mt. Prospect counts on when he performs.  But if you think all he's doing is tricks as he produces coins from nowhere or displays the card you were thinking about, you've fallen under the spell of 'Mind Games', as he calls his show.

You've also missed the point: Fabjance's magic act also delivers a message, usually about alcohol & drugs.  It's not a sermon but a quiet message, presented with a practiced subtlety that makes his presentation different from the typical anti-drug & alcohol lecture that people, students in particular, are accustomed to hearing."

-Chicago Tribune

"Thanks for your excellent program.  This was one of the most outstanding and enlightening alcohol awareness programs that we've had.  The students were having so much fun they almost forgot they were attending an alcohol awareness program.
Again, thanks for a valuable & entertaining day."

Laura S. Griffin
College of Charlseton

Call John today about sponsoring a Mind Games & Magic presentation at your next community event.

Teaching Magic to  Community Relations Officers and Presenters
John will train you to add a little magic to your existing classroom presentations to:

--Capture and keep an audiences attention

--Quickly build rapport with a group or individual

--Communicate your message more effectively

Through John's tremendous arsenal of tricks and mini-illusions, he can help you incorporate any and all of your program themes and messages into easy to perform magical effects that will astound and amaze.

"I will be able to use the magic in my D.A.R.E. program to help with better rapport and relationships with the kids that I teach D.A.R.E. to. A lot of the tricks we learned today I will be able to use and I'm going to teach some of the other officers.  It was very enjoyable and entertaining.  A lot of knowledge was gained here today."

Patrolman Lonnie M. Netzel, D.A.R.E. Officer
Kankakee City Police Department

"I've been using the tricks I learned more to interact with the children than to perform.  While with a group of children before or after class, I show a few of them a trick.  They in turn tell others.  Soon everyone wants to see the magic.  With John's class, I was able to show the kids some cool tricks just by using things out of my pocket.  Also you don't need prior magic experience.  This is a good way to break the ice with children or adults alike."

Officer Ken Van Der Haegen,
D.A.R.E. officer
Morton Grove Police Department

"It's another attention grabber!  There are a lot of things I'm going to incorporate."

D.A.R.E. Officer Steven Millar
Strezmwood Police Department

**** for further reference contact George Koertge, CAE

             IACP Executive Director,  at 217-523-3765

Call John now about organizing a Mind Games & Magic Training Workshop for Presenters in your area.

Other Topics of Interest to Officers

After School Programs
Teach magic to students after school.   Magic Management provides materials and training for schools which offer magic class as part of their after school program.  We can train you to lead these weekly classes or one-time workshops. 

Professional Magician's Props
We have access to thousands of magic items for both professionals and beginners.  Let us know what you're interested in and we'll send you our list of:

--How-To Books on Magic

--How-To Video Tapes

--Inexpensive Magical Giveaways

--Professional Magician's Equipment

Free On-line Interactive Magic Tricks
A Resource for Students & Educators 
Play with these interactive magic tricks and optical illusions.
You may now also link to it from your site as a resource for your visitors.

Academic Planners
New! Student Planners with Academic Information Pages and special Life Skills 101 section.  Can be completely customized with every page yours to print events & special dates throughout the calendar.

The motivational bookmarks that act and look like a notepad.  Four different sets of sayings to choose from: Alcohol & Drug Awareness, The Power of Perspective, Dealing With Change, and Options Unlimited.


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