Psychic Color Tiles

New. An interactive magic trick with color tiles based on a Martin Gardner routine.

The Refrigerator Trick

New & Improved. Now featuring Jelly Gummies by Sam Lyon! This magic trick with food is based on the same principle as the 21 Card Trick.

All things being equal

Do you count your pennies? This trick appears as Things Equal in Self-Working Mental Magic by Karl Fulves.

Calendar Square

Here's a trick you can do any day (of any month of any year). This trick appears as Magic Squares in Mathematics, Magic and Mystery by Martin Gardner.

Two Spies

This magic trick, devised by Robert Neale, is a variation of a Martin Gardner routine and appears as The Two Guns in the book Self-Working Number Magic by Karl Fulves.

Princess Card Trick

This card trick, based on the original Henry Hardin routine, has become one of the most popular internet card tricks.

Magic Age Cards

I bet I can guess your age. This number mystery, based on a system of binary counting, is one of the oldest number magic tricks.

Magic Window Cards

This is a slightly more complex version of the Number Mystery magic trick that uses "windows" for obtaining the key numbers. This trick appears in Martin Gardner's book Mathematics, Magic & Mystery.

Cat & Mouse

Turn the cat into a mouse (and vice versa).

Psychic Magic Trick

This classic mind-reading magic trick involves mathematics, zoology, colorology and geography.

An "Unprecedented" Coin Magic Trick

A presidential coin trick based on a principle developed by Edward Bagshawe and Sam Schwartz. This version was devised by Karl Fulves and appears as Metalogic in his book Self-Working Coin Magic.

Animal Magic Trick

Is your favorite animal among these? If so, I bet I can guess what it is. This magic trick is based on the same binary counting principle as the Number Mystery trick.

Magic 8 Trick

This classic card trick will have you going around in circles.

Bad Math Magic

Bad at math? Don't feel bad. This math problem might even trick your math teacher.

Dime & Penny Trick

An ancient magic trick where a coin in hand is worth more depending on which hand it's in. This trick appears as Which Hand? in Martin Gardner's book Mathematics, Magic & Mystery.

Magic Pairs Trick

A new take on a classic card trick. Mutus Nomen Dedit Cocis is a classic card plot in card magic based on a mnemonic that works with a 20-card mathematical cross-reference principle trick known as the Pairs Repaired (also known as Latin Card Trick, the Ten Duplicates and the Twenty Card Trick).

Disappearing Magician

This magic puzzle demonstrates why magicians are a vanishing breed. A version of this magic puzzle appears as The Vanishing Face in Martin Gardner's book Mathematics, Magic & Mystery.

Magic Time Trick

Is time on your side? If so, then it's time for another magic trick.

Trick Donkeys

Created by Sam Lloyd. Loyd sold his puzzle to P. T. Barnum, who marketed it as P. T. Barnum's Trick Mules.


Year MDCLXV (1665) was a common year starting on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar.

Universal Connections

New. An interactive magic trick performed by Marc Spelmann as Masked Magician X on Britain's Got Talent.

Magic Cards Square

This card trick is based on a magical principle that has been around for over 4,120 years.

Locked-Room Mystery

This magic trick is based on a principle invented by Martin Gardner and appears in the book Self-Working Number Magic by Karl Fulves.

The Color-Changing Pencil

A "geometrical vanish" designed by Mel Stover, in which 13 pencils, 7 red and 6 blue, mysteriously become 6 red and 7 blue. Which pencil changes color?.

The Red Card Trick

The basic idea for this magic trick was devised by Arthur Carter as One Red Card. There are many versions of this trick, one of which appears as The Red Prediction in Self-Working Table Magic by Karl Fulves.

Ambigram Magic Words

New. This Robert Neale routine, an ingeniously concealed binary magic trick, appears as Neale's Numbers in Karl Fulves Self-Working Number Magic.

Magic Route 34

This magic trick is kind of a magic matrix bingo effect. Mel Stover was the one of the first to describe this interesting prediction idea using a calendar.

Circle of Life

A mind-reading trick employing the tapping principle. This particular version was devised by Martin Gardner and appears as Tap-an-Animal in his book Mathematics, Magic & Mystery.

Date Sense

This calendar magic trick is based on an idea of Walter Gibson and appears in the book Self-Working Number Magic by Karl Fulves.

Coin in Bottle

This coin trick is based on ideas of Bob Hummer, Stewart James and Mel Stover and appears as Immovable Object in Karl Fulves' Self-Working Coin Magic.

$103 Dollar Trick

Do you like to gamble? You could win big (unless you're betting against a magician). This Harry Lorayne contribution appears as Don't Show Me The Money in Magic For Dummies by David Pogue.

Mind Scan

This magic trick can be found in Self-Working Paper Magic by Karl Fulves.

Crystal Ball

A magic trick with a crystal ball that can read your mind. This bit of psychic magic appears as Insect, Animal, Bird in the book Mental Magic: Surefire Tricks to Amaze Your Friends by Martin Gardner.

Frog Prince

Every princess knows that when you kiss a frog it turns into a prince. Right?


A mind-reading trick with a die invented by magic dealer Harold Sterling and named "MIKO" in honor of MIlt KOrt.

Get Off the Earth

Another Sam Lloyd creation in which a warrior magically appears, then disappears.

Under the Sea

Is your favorite sea animal among these? If so I bet I can guess what it is. A fishy version of the binary magic trick.

Mish Mash Cards

An interactive card trick based on Jim Steinmeyer's World's Thinnest Deck of Cards.

Fruit Cards

A fruit flavored version of the Window Cards.

Time Spell

New. An interactive magic trick with a clock face performed by David Copperfield.

Magic Beans

Would you trade your cow for these Magic Beans? This trick appears as The Three Heaps in Martin Gardner's book Mathematics, Magic & Mystery.

Joker's Wild

This card trick is the invention of Karl Fulves.

Family Values

How big is your family? This trick appears as Family Histrick in Royal V. Heaths's book Mathemagic.

Ladybug Mix-up

Coccinellidae is a family of beetles, known variously as ladybirds, or ladybugs. This is an adaptation of "Light-Ning Addition by Bob Hummer.

"M" Class Planet

This interplanetary trip will have you going around in circles.

Card Paradox

Another "geometrical vanish" designed by Bob Page.

Emoji Emagic

Have you used one of these popular Emojis recently? If so I bet I can guess which one. This is another magic trick is based on the binary magic principle.

Mathematician vs. Math Magician

A Royal V. Heath magic effect based on a math trick developed by Ed Balducci alternatively known as The Di-Ciphering Trick or Heath's Deciphering Dice or Phenomenon.

Poker Chip Mystery

In this poker chip baffler by Bob Hummer, the Magician arrives at the total of the chips selected freely by the Spectator.

Light-Ning Addition

In this mathematical magic trick by Bob Hummer, the Math-Magician can immediately (and repeatedly) announce the total of all 6 randomly chosen cards.

4-Letter (Magic) Words

Another Bob Hummer inspired Humdinger! Another binary magic trick, ingeniously concealed so that the trick would appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with mathematics.

Age is Just a Number

New. Anything is possible, at any age! This version of the Magic Age Cards just might inspire you by letting you know what other people were doing at your age. Brought to you by the M.O.B. (Magic of Binary).

Find the Lady

New. Test your psychic powers! Find the Queen. No tricks.

Psychic Planets

New. An interactive magic trick with the planets based on a Martin Gardner routine.

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