You may notice a similarity among some of the
SmartMarks sayings, both within the same series and among the four different series.  Some important concepts have been communicated in different ways.  Educators know that people learn better when exposed to ideas multiple times and in  MULTIPLE  WAYS.  This allows them to put the concepts together themselves.  Now it is their own idea, and it is more likely to be accepted.

SmartMarks are designed to interrupt habitual thinking patterns.  See--Using SmartMarks as a teaching tool.

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SmartMarks for  use as samples.

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SmartMarks for free in your school newspaper, newsletters, or similar publications by contacting us directly.

SmartMarks are taken directly from Alcohol Awareness and Life Skill programs presented by John Fabjance.  The SmartMarks are written by John Fabjance and Louie Lafikes, with additional material by Gary Fabjance.

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SmartMarks and more.