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Rocky Raccoon

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Added: January 22, 2007

Categories: Close Up, Comedy Magic, Kid's Magic, Stage Magic

Format: Prop

From: Magic Masters

Price: $34.95


This life-like spring animal can build a reputation for you in an instant! He eats from your hand, sits up, nods "yes" or "no", jumps from your hands and even "boogies!"

He's super simple to operate and comes with an illustrated instruction manual that will have you amazing your friends in no time.

These adorable life-like "critters" are designed and hand crafted exclusively by Magic Masters. Each one is just a bit different and has its own personality.

They come with an illustrated instruction booklet that will have you amazing your friends with their life-like antics in no time.

Video Clip from: Make Your Spring Puppets Alive - Training DVD by Jim Pace

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