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The Alcohol Abuse-Excuse Generator takes the most common rationalizations or "excuses" for potentially harmful behavior and scrambles them up to create entirely new ones.

Alcohol Abuse-Excuses
  1. Everybody else is doing it so why shouldn't I?
  2. I only drink on weekends.
  3. I don't see anything bad happening to me so far.
  4. I can stop anytime I want to.
  5. I am the way I am.
  6. I'll only do it for a while.
  7. If I didn't do this I'd be doing something worse.
  8. I only do it to relax.
  9. My problem is no worse than yours.
10. We all have to die sometime.
11. What I do is not binge drinking.
12. I'm not an alcoholic.
13. Drinking helps me forget my problems.
14. I don't want to be left out.
15. I'm not hurting anybody but myself.
16. I only get drunk once in a while.
17. Drinking helps me overcome my shyness.
18. It helps me relate better to other people.
19. It's only a problem if you do it everyday.
20. Now is not a good time to stop.
21. If I don't drink, they'll think I'm a snob.
22. I'm not nearly as bad as other people.
23. It's rude to refuse.
24. I only drink a little.
25. I don't have a problem.
26. Drinking helps me to be more confident.
27. Nobody is going to tell ME what to do.

These tired old excuses are so lame and overused that it's time to come up with some new ones.

Click on the button below and the Abuse-Excuse Generator will scramble up the top alcohol abuse-excuses to create entirely new ones.
(Don't worry if they don't make any sense --
neither did the old ones).

1. Click the excuse button.
2. Watch a new excuse appear in the box.
3. Repeat using your Enter/Return key.

Warning: Use of these excuses may be hazardous to your health.

Using The Alcohol Abuse Excuse Generator˙
As A Teaching Tool

As a teaching tool, The Abuse Excuse Generator˙ can be used to open up constructive dialogue with students.  It was designed to be an entertaining approach for addressing issues that have been raised in discussions with counselors, students, and student leaders during John Fabjance's educational magic programs.

"Abuse-Excuse" is a term John Fabjance developed to describe the types of denial processes people go through in their minds, particularly regarding drug and alcohol use.  In his Mind Games & Magic programs, John takes a light-hearted, warm, and humorous approach to the all-too-human denial, rationalization, justification, and "cognitive distortions" all of us engage in to support bad habits.

The "Alcohol Abuse Excuse Generator
˙ specifically deals with the most common rationalizations used to "excuse" the use and/or abuse of alcohol. 
By making students consciously aware of some of the things they may be unconsciously saying to themselves, they have a better chance of spotting these rationalizations when they occur.

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