Mind Games & M.A.G.I.C. - College Alcohol Awareness Presentation
an entertaining exploration of the link between perception and decision making with measurable results

Through a unique combination of mind-boggling magic, visual illusion, cognitive psychology and audience participation, college students experience first-hand that their perceptions are not always reality. In this one-of-a-kind alcohol awareness presentation, magician John Fabjance reveals not only how our brains are led astray, but also how misperception, in turn, can lead to thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can be detrimental to health, happiness and success.

Misperception Always Generates Inaccurate Conclusions
Magic owes it's success simply to misunderstanding. What we call a magic show is nothing but a collection of different misperceptions. Of course, our perceptions aren't always accurate; but whether they're correct or not, they shape our thoughts, feeling and behavior.

More Awareness Generates Improved Choices
The more aware we are of our perceptions and how they influence our choices, the more we can take responsibility for those perceptions, examine them and test them against reality, thereby creating a more accurate perspective from which to make improved choices in the future.

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Who is
John Fabjance?

In addition to being a professional speaker and educator, John Fabjance is also an accomplished magician and the developer of
Mind Games & M.A.G.I.C., an entertaining and educational alcohol awareness presentation.
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